Copper Garden Art

Boogie Man pic 1
We call him boogie man because when you give him a nudge, he wobbles and dances or " boogies". He is playing a flute just like our smaller Kokopelli figures and will not fall over.
Dimensions:7 ft. high x 7 ft. long x 4 ft. wide Price (CDN): $1200.00

Boogie man pic 2
His large head dress and gaping mouth will attract some attention. His head is tilted and turned and his fingers are covering the holes on the flute.
Dimensions:7 ft. x 7 ft. x 4 ft, Price (CDN): $1200.00

Boogie man pic 3
His rib cage contains a copper heart that will help convey the message behind the folklore of Kokopelli,"the bringer of joy".
Dimensions:7 ft. x 7 ft. x 4 ft. Price (CDN): $1200.00

Boogie man pic 4
His wide feet make him very stable when he rocks back and forth.
Dimensions:7 ft. x 7 ft. x 4 ft. Price (CDN): $1200.00

Coat rack pic 1
This specialty item was custom-made for a music loving client. It was created from heavy gage copper and fits nicely at the entrance of the home.
Dimensions:any size Price (CDN): $349.00

Copper broach
Here's a Lord of the Rings broach made for my daughter, sorry not for sale.

Kokopelli plant hanger pic 1
These are great for hanging vines or candles. Buy a pair and get ten dollars off the regular price.
Dimensions:2 ft. high Price (CDN): $69.00

Kokopelli plant hanger pic 2
Here's the other half of the pair.
Dimensions:2 ft. Price (CDN): $69.00

Light shade pic 1
This light is in an area that needs light for the steps but not in the eyes. We removed the glass and replaced it with copper sheet. A copper design was drilled into each sheet then clear coated for just the right amount of light to shine through.
Dimensions:Send us your dimensions. Price (CDN): $99.00

Minstral pic 1
This one of a kind, whimsical piece was for a special occasion and is free standing. Four violin strings are wrapped around the head stock and his shoe laces are tied too!
Dimensions:4 ft. high Price (CDN): $399.00

Minstral pic 2
Combining copper and stained-glass creates a stunning look as can be seen in this close-up.
Dimensions:4 ft. high Price (CDN): $399.00

Moon and Stars face
This moon, stars and sunface looks stunning with it's raised faces. It's finished in a clear wax to retain the natural colours. We can make your favorite piece any size for you. Contact us with your requests.
Dimensions:36 in. diameter Price (CDN): $600.00

Name Plaque
This was made for,.... guess who? We can make custom items for you too!
Dimensions:24 in. wide x 16 in. tall Price (CDN): $custom

Oblisk pic 1
This shows the top of the oblisk with a optional plant hanger in the middle. More pics coming soon.
Dimensions:Any size Price (CDN): $399.00

Oblisk pic 2
With built-in candle holders and 2 pot holders for your plants, this piece gives you light and beauty.
Dimensions:6 ft. high X 1 ft. wide Price (CDN): $399.00

Palm trees pic 1
A beautiful addition to your tropical garden year-round. Comes with a stand or simply "plant" in your garden.
Dimensions:7 ft. high Price (CDN): $399.00

Palm trees pic 2
A view from above.
Dimensions:7 ft. high Price (CDN): $399.00

Pheasant pic 1
This pheasant is made from copper sheet and tube and can be displayed in reverse of this. If you want a different size, contact us and we'll give you a price.
Dimensions:3 ft. X 3 ft. Price (CDN): $299.00

Plant stand pic 1
Here's a plant stand that can look just as good inside as it does outside. It's wrapped with copper leaves and vines and can be used with or without a water pan. It lasts 80 years too!
Dimensions:48 in. x 12 in. Price (CDN): $90.00

Plant stands
Where can you get plant stands like these? These can be made to fit any size pot at any height. Customizing can be done to fit your motif. Wild or whacky, we'll do it!
Dimensions:4 - 5 and 6ft. Price (CDN): $69 - 79 and 89.00

Privacy Screens
Shown here is a Maple leaf design. Choose your own design or style to fit your decor. This screen is pushed 12 in. into to the ground to give you privacy where you want it. Over all height is 7 ft.
Dimensions:18 in. x 48 in. Price (CDN): $149.00

Let us do a personal or business sign for you. We can accomodate almost any size or style. Send us an email with your request today.
Dimensions:4 ft. x 4 ft. Price (CDN): $ask for a quote

This free standing piece was stolen on Dec.22/02 from my shop on 283 Duke St. W. Kitchener, Ontario. A free sunflower trellis will be awarded for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this crime. There was only one made. It has a small sunflower on each hinged side and 2 custom stained glass panels. Other copper art was also stolen. Contact us or Crime Stoppers in the K-W area.
Dimensions:6 ft. wide x 7 ft. high Price (CDN): $750.00

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