Copper Garden Art

A Privacy trellis pic 1
This trellis is meant to give you privacy by means of plant growth. This before look shows the apartment building in the background Local building codes state that your fence cannot be more that 8 ft. in height.That's where the privacy trellis will solve a height restriction problem.
Dimensions:4 ft. 6 in.x 14 ft. Price (CDN): $400.00

A Privacy trellis pic 2
This after picture shows new growth that will eventually hide the building behind and give you privacy. Once the tree grows it's leaves the customers will recieve their privacy. We suggest Boston Ivy for this application because it will grow lots of large green leaves every year.
Dimensions:4 ft. 6 in. x 14 ft. Price (CDN): $400.00

Cat trellises
These 2 trellises were purchased for the K-W Cat Hospital at their new location on Weber Kitchener.
Dimensions:custom Price (CDN): $custom

Classic trellis
The classic trellis looks good all year round with it's climbing copper leaves and vines. It is built with the same high quality as our other trellises.
Dimensions:25 in. wide x 80 in. tall Price (CDN): $199.00

Classic trellis pic 2
This classic trellis was custom made for a customer in the U.S.. They wanted the copper to age naturally which should take about 3 -5 years, depending on the air quality in your area.
Dimensions:36 in. wide x 90 in. tall Price (CDN): $275.00

Hook top trellis pic 1
The hook top trellis allows you to make a sculpture of your garden. With 5 hooks it's made to handle the extra weight of hanging plants and pots. This one has the optional green patina finish applied. Available in custom sizes.
Dimensions:25 in. wide x Price (CDN): $275.00

Jazz trellis
This piece was made on a trellis frame but can be made to fit any size frame. The jazz band is playing under the club lights. The first few bars are from Oscar Peterson's " Night Train ". Shown here on a stand, (not included).
Dimensions:Any size Price (CDN): $699.00

Kokopelli trellis
Add a Kokopelli to any trellis. Shown here is a clear coated, right hand version. This can also be made for the larger 25 x 80 trellis.
Dimensions:15 in. wide x 60 in. tall Price (CDN): $225.00

Moon & Star trellis
This moon and star trellis can be made to any size or style or you can have one like this. Ships in 4 business days to your door.
Dimensions:25 in. x 80 in. Price (CDN): $225.00

Moon & stars trellis
Have us add a moon and stars and flower pots to any trellis. Cook up your own design and send it to us for a quote. We'd be happy to make one for you. Custom sizes available. Many happy customers served.
Dimensions:25 in. x 80 in. tall Price (CDN): $249.00

Patina trellis
This trellis was made to fit around the light at the front door of this town home and was treated natural patina green. It has copper leaves and vines that wind in and out of the frame.
Dimensions:custom Price (CDN): $225.00

Shipping a trellis
We ship our trellises in 2 or more pieces that need no glue, soldering or adhesives of any kind for assembly. The pieces slip easily and snugly together and won't come apart.
Dimensions: Price (CDN): $saves you money

Stained Glass additions
Wow, looks great eh? What can we make for you?
Dimensions:your choice Price (CDN): $variable

Stained Glass inserts
Let your imagination run wild with ideas to fill out your trellis. The combinations are endless.send us your ideas by fax, phone, email or visit our shop on 283 Duke St.West, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Dimensions:Any size Price (CDN): $Contact us for pricing

Sunface trellis pic 1
Choose any style or size frame to fit your custom sunface trellis. Shown here is a 24" diameter hand hammered sunface. Order natural or clear coated if you wish! We ship to your door in 4 business days!
Dimensions:4 ft. x 5 ft. high Price (CDN): $300.00

Sunflower trellis
We are adding new designs regularily and here's a new sunflower trellis. This also comes as a free standing sunflower.Clear coating available. Ships in 4 business days to your door.
Dimensions:25 in. x 80 in. Price (CDN): $175.00

Sunflower Trellis pic 1
This picture shows the detail in the centre seed pod and leaves. The frame is made from rigid copper tube. The sheet copper is cut, heated to a cherry red, quenched in a acid bath and then put through a bead roller all by hand before assembly. Stem leaves get the same treatment but are hand hammered to achieve shape and definition. All of trellises come with four mounting legs. You'll also get a concrete drill bit,four concrete screws and four wood screws, making installation easy.
Dimensions:25 in wide x 80 in. tall Price (CDN): $225.00

Sunflower trellis pic 2
No wonder it's our best seller. Some people have ordered 3! Our U.S. customers know value when they see it. This will make a great gift for the person who has,(almost), everthing.
Dimensions:25 in. x 80 in. tall Price (CDN): $225.00

Sunnyside trellis pic 1
Sunnyside Public School ordered this to help beautify the natural area in the school court yard and to promote school spirit. It has remained at the front of the school undamaged for 3 years.
Dimensions:36 in. wide x 96 in. tall Price (CDN): $299.00

Treble clef trellis
The treble clef trellis will be a welcome addition to any music lover. It is made with rigid copper tube and has 4 legs for mounting.
Dimensions:60 in. wide x 80 in. tall Price (CDN): $225.00

Treble clef trellis
The 5 lines or tubes of the staff carry quarter and eight notes with hearts used for the tails.Each end has a copper flower with 3 leaves and a butterfly added.
Dimensions:80 in. tall x 40 in. wide Price (CDN): $225.00

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